Independent Association of BNI Franchisees 

IABF is a chapter of the American Association of Franchisees & Dealers (AAFD).

The IABF represents over 50% of BNI® chapters and members in the U.S.  We have formed the IABF as a chapter of the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD).  The purpose of this new alliance is to assist in the protection and betterment of our respective businesses.  

Recent Accomplishments 
  • Negotiated a Franchise Agreement that was more fair and balanced.

  • Identified multiple contract renewal irregularities for IABF members before signing.

  • Negotiated a more fair development schedule and timeline to meet the development schedule.

  • We now provide Affordable health care for BNI Executive Directors and staff.  (Exclusive to IABF Members)

Mission, Goals, and Objectives


To provide a forum for a collective, collaborative, positive, and proactive voice for the members as well as all BNI® Franchisees,

To work with the franchisor to strengthen, promote and protect the value, profitability and financial growth for all franchisees, and

To further the philosophy that BNI® is built upon the idea of Givers Gain. Success in BNI® means you need to be a positive and supportive member of the organization based upon mutual support. This requires commitment to your fellow franchisees, franchisor and members to create a “Win-Win” environment for all parties.


To foster a spirit of cooperation and collaboration in order to channel proactive energies to resolve common problems and develop better approaches to operating our businesses. We will work with our franchisor to grow the brand while maintaining the equity in the franchises and providing for the opportunity for financial growth within the franchise organization. We will work with our franchisor to develop stronger, financially rewarding relationships with our members.​


  1. Provide a unified voice of BNI®Franchisees to protect our collective interests.

  2. Develop our collective market power through co-operative purchasing.

  3. Network with your fellow BNI®Franchisees to identify common interests, issues, opportunities, and to make us all better competitors within our industry.
  4. Gain the collective strength, as well as political and marketing clout, gained by our affiliation with the oldest, largest and most respected generic non-profit trade association representing the interests of franchise owners in the United States.