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Pricing Structure

One Region / Country - $450
Two Regions / Countries - $595
Three Regions / Countries - $740
Four Regions / Countries - $885
Five + Regions / Countries - $885


Benefits of Membership

Running, Improving, And Protecting Your Franchise

  1. Monthly calls to stay updated on the most important changes that affect your business.

  2. Access to Michael Garner and other top Franchise Attorneys - Michael is the leading Franchise attorney in the United States and has been the key to our successful negotiations with BNI.

  3. Review of your Franchise Renewal Agreement by Michael Garner at a reduced price.

  4. Ability to participate in our Legal Trust Fund which provides financial backing to address legal issue with the Franchisor regarding Franchisees.

  5. Meet yearly to share best practices, ideas and learn from the best in BNI.

  6. Message boards through the members only section of this website to share ideas, best practices, and material with one another. 

Exclusive IABF Membership Discounts

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  1. Affordable health care for BNI Executive Directors and Staff.  (Exclusive to IABF Members)

  2. Up to 80% off 1000+ products at Office Max / Office Depot

  3. Hotel discounts to travel all around the world.

  4. Free conference calling line for members to use at their leisure. 

  5. Reduced credit card processing charges through an AAFD strategic partnership.

  6. Discounted hosted IP phone services, high speed internet, local and long distance calling, and other services at a fraction of the cost of buying traditional phone systems.